How Did Chew The Cud Come About?

NZ Dairy Careers is a leading training company in the dairy industry and creates partnerships with employers and employees through programmes like Live, Learn & Earn for overseas workers and has strong local client relationships with local workers. Through years of experience NZ Dairy Careers knows that at the heart of good employment relations is good communication and disruption caused by Gypsy Week at the start of each dairy season needs to change to create strong and seamless employment relationships so NZ Dairy Careers have created this new awareness week to get conversations started to help employers and employees be settled well in advance of the new season.

Farm Source, Federated Farmers, & Dairy NZ are supporting Chew The Cud Week with NZ Dairy Careers by promoting communication between dairy employees and employers to keep productivity at its highest possible level through employment stability.

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The more conversations we can have the more stability we can create
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